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Breakfast With My Son

Breakfast with Bean

Breakfast with Bean

This morning I had breakfast with my son. Just the two of us. Sprout was still sleeping and Mama Bean was just waking up and getting ready for work. I was rushing around the kitchen getting ready for work with Bean underfoot and asking questions when I stopped and asked if he wanted to have breakfast with me.

I only had a few minutes because I had to get out the door to ensure I was at work on time, but I stopped, poured us each a bowl of mini-wheats and took the time to eat a bowl of cereal with my little boy.┬áIt wasn’t anything fancy and it took less than 5 minutes but it totally made my day. It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of everything and I was preoccupied with the fact that I had my first class of the semester when I arrived at work. I’m really glad I took those few minutes and spend them with my son.

Being 3 and living in the moment, I’m sure it wasn’t something he thought about after we left the table, but over the years the little things add up.

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  • seattledad

    That’s awesome Chris. I love having breakfast with Lukas. In fact, I just posted about our weekly tradition surrounding it myself.

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